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Puffballs Good; Earth Balls Bad

Allow me to introduce you to two groups of fungus: one of which containing perhaps the most thrilling find in the mushroom kingdom, the Giant Puffball; the other, the absolute bane of my foraging escapades: Earth Balls. I won’t defile … Continue reading

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The Shaggy Parasol Mushroom

What a fantastic, unexpected find these were when out collecting nettles for my Stinging Nettle Soup. Whilst my lovely wife and excellent photographer Gemma Waldron was taking some close-ups of the nettles, I allowed myself a little wander around the delightful … Continue reading

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Mushroom Hunting: Staying Alive

Safety equals success when it comes to foraging for food, and sure identification is an absolute must when gathering anything from the wild for you or your family’s consumption. If you are in any doubt at all about what exactly it is … Continue reading

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Stinging Nettle Soup: Your Delicious Revenge

Ever had the peacefulness of a bright summer’s walk snatched painfully away by an accidental brush with a stinging nettle? Has a blackberry foray ever found you abandoning the brambles in search of a dock leaf to nurse a throbbing sting? Ever come off your bike to land face first in … Continue reading

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