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Mussels (again): Purging, Scrubbing, De-bearding (And a Pearl!)

Hopefully, my last post – Wild Mussels vs. ‘Farmed’ Mussels – managed, in its funny little way, to persuade you that gathering wild Mussels is still a great idea, despite there being no real benefits for either the cook or the environment … Continue reading

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Wild Mussels vs. ‘Farmed’ Mussels

Why would anybody want to forage for wild Mussels? Especially when one considers that ‘farmed’ Mussels are actually wild Mussels themselves, only they have been gathered when young and encouraged to grow on man-made structures – often ropes studded with plastic spikes … Continue reading

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Identifying Mushrooms: How To Take A Spore Print

This nifty little trick is not only pleasing to the eye, but a truly brilliant and in many cases essential means of successfully and assuredly identifying the mushrooms that you have gathered. What’s more, it couldn’t be simpler – all you … Continue reading

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Wood Blewits

Yesterday I pulled off one of the mushroom hunter’s most self-glorifying and (unfortunately) rare of achievements – I found exactly what I set out to look for. It was a labour of love, mind you. Unsurprisigly, perhaps, December is not the best month for the mushroom … Continue reading

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Black Bryony: Poisonous!!

The foolhardy beware this delicious looking, juicy red berry that I have seen only this week still growing and glowing temptingly from the hedgerow. As sweet and as tempting as these burstingly rotund berries may appear, they are nonetheless quite seriously … Continue reading

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Haws: By Any Other Name They’d Still Look As Sweet

Haws are the splendid though unfortunately named berries of the Hawthorn Tree. They are easily the most prolific berry of autumn, and persist long after the Sloes have all shrivelled and fallen, and Blackberries are nothing but a distant memory. … Continue reading

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Common Sorrel: Not Too Much, Not Too Often

I find myself hesitating to include Common Sorrel in this guide. At first glance, Sorrel is everything the avid forager could hope for. It is certainly an abundant plant, growing in nearly all types of pasture, including meadows, roadsides and hedgerows. And the … Continue reading

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