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Sea Beet: The Wild Grandfather of the Veg Plot

All hail the magnificent Sea Beet! So green, so succulent, so big and bright in the bareness and bleakness of winter!  Where would we be without Sea Beet? Just look how rich and luscious these leaves are even now, slap bang in the middle … Continue reading

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Hemlock Water Dropwort: The Most Poisonous Plant in Britain…

…And indeed one of the most poisonous in the world. Some websites (such as even list it as the deadliest, and it never fails to reach the top ten. If you only ever learn one poisonous plant, please, let it be … Continue reading

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I’d like to lead a cheer for the humble Winkle. Hip, Hip, Hooray! I say, for this wonderful little mollusc. Hoorah! Hoorah!  Winkles are, without a doubt, the kindest pieces of protein available to the forager. They are easy to … Continue reading

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Earth Balls: Poisonous!!

Poisonous: Though not life-threatening, if consumed the Earth Ball will cause gastric upset. I hate Earth Balls. It pains me to dignify them with a capital letter, and I only do so for consistency. They are the warts of the … Continue reading

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