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Sea Beet: The Wild Grandfather of the Veg Plot

All hail the magnificent Sea Beet! So green, so succulent, so big and bright in the bareness and bleakness of winter!  Where would we be without Sea Beet? Just look how rich and luscious these leaves are even now, slap bang in the middle … Continue reading

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Common Sorrel: Not Too Much, Not Too Often

I find myself hesitating to include Common Sorrel in this guide. At first glance, Sorrel is everything the avid forager could hope for. It is certainly an abundant plant, growing in nearly all types of pasture, including meadows, roadsides and hedgerows. And the … Continue reading

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Stinging Nettle Soup: Your Delicious Revenge

Ever had the peacefulness of a bright summer’s walk snatched painfully away by an accidental brush with a stinging nettle? Has a blackberry foray ever found you abandoning the brambles in search of a dock leaf to nurse a throbbing sting? Ever come off your bike to land face first in … Continue reading

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