Edible Berries A-Z

Safety equals success when it comes to foraging for food, and sure identification is an absolute must when gathering anything from the wild for you or your family’s consumption. If you are in any doubt at all about what exactly it is you have collected, then you must discard it immediately.

This list will grow with this blog so keep checking for new entries. Click on the name of each berry for the corresponding blog post.


Hawthorn Berries

The edible Hawthorn Berry.

  • A shrub or small tree up to 8m in height.
  • Deeply lobed, dark green leaves that shed in late autumn to winter.
  • Flowers in mid-spring: starting as tiny white beads, the flowers open always with five white petals with pink stamen.
  • Berries (Haws) in autumn are lipstick-red, growing in clusters along thorny branches. They look somewhat like spherical Rosehips or miniature apples, to which they are indeed distantly related. Contain a single, large pip.

    Black Bryony Berries

    The seriously poisonous Black Bryony Berry.

  • Season: flowers May-July, berries September to mid December, leaves April to October.
  • Similar Species: The edible Rosehip and Rowan Berry may possibly cause confusion with no ill effect. Far more worrying are the similar-looking poisonous red berries, such as Black Bryony, with which confusion will be most unwelcome. As always, just be careful and you’ll be fine.   

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