Edible Fruits A-Z

Safety equals success when it comes to foraging for food, and sure identification is an absolute must when gathering anything from the wild for you or your family’s consumption. If you are in any doubt at all about what exactly it is you have collected, then you must discard it immediately.

This list will grow with this blog so keep checking for new entries. Click on the name of each fruit for the corresponding blog post.


  • Tree: similar to a Pear Tree in that it is fairly low with often Medlarcontorted branches and trunk.
  • Leaves: lance-shaped, waxy, dark-green.
  • Flowers: May-June, white and scentless.
  • Fruit: Small, squash-ball sized, with a rough, pale brown/murky grMedlar Leaveseen-grey skin, similar to that of a Russet Apple. An open end away from the stem, with five tails on the calyx. Looks rather like a dog’s arse.
  • Season: Autumn – though the fruits will not ripen on the tree.
  • Similar Species: none.

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