Poisonous Berries A-Z

Safety equals success when it comes to foraging for food, and sure identification is an absolute must when gathering anything from the wild for you or your family’s consumption. If you have, or think you have, gathered any of the berries on this page, then you must not consume and discard immediately.

This list will grow with this blog so keep checking for new updates. Click on the name of each berry for the corresponding blog post.

Black BryonyBlack Bryony Berries

  • A climber with light green heart-shaped leaves.
  • Flowers are small and have six petals, yellowy-green.
  • Berries are bright red when mature, though the younger ones are yellow and green. They grow in long ‘strings’ through the hedgerow.

    Black Bryony Berries

    Black Bryony Berries growing in 'strings'.

  • Habitat: Mainly hedgerows, though often in woodland.
  • Season: Berries from September to December.
  • Similar Species: The poisonous Woody Nightshade have similar ‘traffic-light’ berries, though these crop earlier than Black Bryony and grow in clusters. Haws, Rosehips, Rowan Berries and Red-berried Elder may cause confusion.

One Response to Poisonous Berries A-Z

  1. Josie says:

    OMG I saw lots of these berries today whilst foraging in Swansea Caswell amongst the hawthorn, rosehips and blackberries! I thought they look incredibly beautiful and very appetising so I am glad I erred on the side of caution and did not eat any!! amazing looking berries, they looked like tree decorations! shame they are poisonous!

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